At Block H3, we like to think differently. It's all about brands that stand out from the noise. We love to create work that captures an emotional bond with its audiences – it's what we do best.

What we do

We create unique and personality-rich brand indentities that give our clients individuality, helping them to grow and create lasting impacts on their audiences. We like to challenge our clients to think, act and do differently. In turn, this allows us to create meaningful brands that help businesses connect with their audeinces and move to the next chapters in their journeys.

How we do it

At Block H3, we noticed a disconnect in the way traditional agencies work for clients. Instead, we work with you - because great brands are built on trust and meaningful connections. We start each of our projects with an in-depth strategy phase where we take the time to get to know you, because simply put, no one knows more about your business than you.

Working together

We're your creative partner, and we're here for the long run. Once we create your identity, we'll be by your side to help put it into action. We believe in working collaboratively with our clients as we know that creating together generates the best outcome, always. This approach not only ensures better design quality, but also helps you understand how your new identity system works.

Our services

Brand Identity

Strategy / Positioning
Logos / Brand Marks

Naming / Tone of Voice
Brand Identity


Editorial Design
Book Design
Printed Collateral


Signage / Way Finding
Exhibition Spaces
Set / Retail Design
Large-Scale Graphics


Website Design
iOS and Android Apps
Social Media

Visual Communications

Creative/Art Direction
Graphic Design

Moving Image

Kinetic Typography
Video Editing

Our clients

From haircare brands and health practices to beer labels and restaraunt spaces, we are proud to have a diverse client base working across many different sectors. Rather than being drawn to particular client industries, instead, we are excited by brands with compelling brand stories which we can translate visually.

Notable clients indclude luxury haircare brand Elisabeth 33, restaurant and brewery space Delaville Paris and cutting edge craft lager company Jubel.


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